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Fei Bi

Meet Fei Bi. She is a two-year old baby girl who needs a specially designed wheelchair for children like her with cerebral palsy. The well-padded wheelchair is designed specifically so a child can’t fall out. Fei Bi also needs a stander and a

Xiao Wei

This is Xiao Wei. He is 4-years old. Xiao Wei and his twin sister were born prematurely. When they were born, the twins were placed in an oxygen chamber. His sister had protection put on her eyes but for some reason, Xiao Wei’s eyes were neglected

Lei Zi

Meet Lei Zi. He is 3-years old and has an endless reservoir of energy. He is very playful, full of joy, and brings happiness to all those around him. He has a cleft pallet and has already had two surgeries to close his lip and gum.   In

Qi Qi

This is Qi Qi, whose dimples and warm smile always light up a room. She is 13-years old and has spina bifida with a tethered spine syndrome. In addition, Qi Qi has a wound on the heel of her foot that won’t heal. The doctors say there is an