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Our Story

The special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life was started in 1996 by a woman who goes by the anglicized name of Anne. Anne was an engineer with a wonderful career. While volunteering at a municipal orphanage, she had a vision of a baby with wings flying to her and asking her to take care of it and realized she could provide more individualized care in her own home for those orphans with special needs.

Anne left her stable job, and soon began to garner respect and recognition for her growing, home-based orphanage. Hospitals started calling her directly when a child had been abandoned. Other orphanages also heard of Anne’s experience providing care for orphans with severe medical conditions, and began to send children to her.

The reality is, without Anne’s willingness to open an orphanage in her 3-bedroom home, many of those she received would not have survived outside of her care. The one-child policy in China prompts the abandonment of many children with special needs; even for those who desire to keep their child, the required medical care is out of their financial reach, so many believe that by abandoning their child, they are actually giving him or her the best fighting chance.

Facts & Numbers

About the Orphanage

  • As many as 33 children have lived at the special needs orphanage at one time.
  • The orphanage is a 3-bedroom apartment; one of the bedrooms is used for storage and an office.
  • It costs $85 per child each month for food.
  • In China, you must pay for a medical procedure before it is performed.
  • The price for a cleft palate surgery is $2,100 USD.
  • The orphanage celebrated 20 years in 2016.


& Unique Circumstances

  • Financial resources are needed to provide for medical care.
  • Some cleft-palate children require a speech therapist.
  • Many children need a physical therapist.
  • One goal is to start a kindergarten for special needs children.
  • Obtaining a first floor apartment would be helpful for children in wheelchairs.
  • An additional worker is needed for the orphanage.

Meet Some Of The Children

& Learn About Their Immediate Needs

Fei Bi

Fei Bi

3-years old / Cerebral Palsy
Meet Fei Bi. She is a three-year old baby girl who needs a specially
Xiao Wei

Xiao Wei

5-year old / Eye Surgery
This is Xiao Wei. He is 5-years old. Xiao Wei and his twin sister were
Qi Qi

Qi Qi

14-years old / Spina Bifida
This is Qi Qi, whose dimples and warm smile always light up a room. She is


Every Dollar Helps

With the exchange rate, your investment of $1 USD will provide more than 6 Chinese RMB for the children we support. Global Partners In Life is a 501(C) (3) organization, so your contributions are 100% tax deductible. You may contact us at P.O. Box 3782, Peachtree City, GA 30269 or by sending an email.

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